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The most famous songs of the italian musical tradition interpreted in lyric-pop style for the foreign audience

Through his lyric-pop style, Stefano Nutti let the sounds of opera considered not only an “elite product,” showing that they are really deeply rooted in the consciousness of Italian culture and demonstrating also that perfectly represent our national identity abroad .

Stefano Nutti in fact plays abroad an important activity to diffuse Italian musical culture, especially through international cultural cooperation projects set up with local institutions.

For more information or if you want to organize a cultural event, then contact the management:

cell. +39 334 22 98 044
mail: ghezzi.management@gmail.com



Nuovo cd di Stefano Nutti: La Ragione di Vivere

Very pleasant and easy to listen is this latest album of Stefano Nutti, which fuses pop with the lyric, giving life to a CD for those who love different rhythms and different musical genres.
A warm voice and impressive for the 16 new songs, the two tributes to the great author Baldan Bembo and the amazing duet with Nelly Ciobanu, one of the most famous star of Eastern Europe.