Stefano Nutti started his singer career in 1978.

He approached to music as singer-songwriter and realised three albums.

His first recording was Falso Sogno, which was soon translated in French for a famous recording company in Paris.

“Fotografie” is his first album, in collaboration with Luigi Cimaschi, he wrote both the melodies and the arrangements.

In 1989 the album titled “Canzoni come noi” was published by the discography company GDM (Generale Discografica Milano). The album was successful even in Germany and Holland.

He personally orchestrated the melodies while the lyrics were written by Maria Francesca Polli (winner of Zecchino D’oro in the year 2002) and by Mauro Garrione.

In 1996 he worked on his album titled “Parole e Poesie”. The arrangements were orchestrated by maestro Valeriano Chiaravalle, a great arranger and excellent orchestra leader in Italy.

The lyrics contained in “Parole e Poesie” were created by Rino Vallozzi, worthy author from Mogol school. Stefano Nutti presented this album at the Charity Gala for Unicef.

In the year 1997 a music video of a song chosen from this album was recorded in the USA, and Stefano played as protagonist.

He’s well-known abroad, where his voice range is appreciated; this encourages him to present a repertory in which you can find both light music and lyric tenor singing.

In 2000 he started studying opera singing with maestro Claudio Del Tin’s guidance, a great baritone from the theatre “La Scala” in Milan.

His debut as an lyric tenor singer took place in May 2002, at the Gala della Lega Navale Italiana, where he got a great success and lot of approvals.

Since 2003 Stefano Nutti’s spreading all around the world his wide repertory: a set of classic romances from the most popular operas and original songs, created by the most important Italian authors and musicians.

In 2004 the album “Fusione di due Sound” was published by FBT Professional Audio. For this album he worked to mix lyric tenor and light music voice.

The lyrics were written by Rino Vallozzi, Salvatore Tartamella, Mauro Garrione, Maria Francesa Polli; while the melodies were composed by Stefano Nutti and by the orchestra leader Walter Gilli, in collaboration with other worthy musicians.

In the year 2004 he started his tour all around France, where he got a lot of success and approvals. The most important French newspapers published articles about him, calling him “atypical tenor”.

In 2006 he started his Brazilian tour together with Johnny Pozzi, keyboarder of New Trolls, where millions of people got excited about his music.

In the same year his last album “Io e il mio Leggio” was published, and it was produced by the Brazilian recording company BRASILIANA for the Brazilian market, and by the German recording company “BEL PRODUCTION” for the Italian and foreign markets.

In August many cities in Sicily were crowded during his concerts, such as:

Mazara del Vallo: concert in Piazza della Repubblica (where he won the important price “Satiro d’oro”).

Trapani: guest of honour at the play-off of “Miss Muretto”.

Mazara del Vallo: guest of honour during the second festival “Gran Galà della Cultura”.

Caltanissetta: guest of honour at the INSIEME TOUR by Salvo La Rosa.

On Rai 2, at the tv show  “Capitani in mezzo al Mare” singing his song “Sicilia” from his last album “Io e il mio Leggio”. The song was the soundtrack during the connection with the port captain’s office in many cities in Sicily.

VELA D’ESTATE (tenth anniversary) transmitted on RAI 2: Stefano opened and closed the event singing his song “Sicilia”.  (Alba Parietti was there to deliver the prices).

Another social commitment in which Stefano took part, in collaboration with Don Mazzi,  was the realisation of a videoclip filmed in Madagascar, where Don Mazzi, along with the contribution of many other people, established a center for the orphans.

The soundtracks that are played in the DVD are: “Come una Preghiera” and “I Bambini del Madagascar”.

Many concerts occurred in the year 2007, and Stefano brought his sound in many European cities, appearing also in many newspapers and tv programs.

Even in that year Stefano did not forget to help the needies. He joined, together with many other artist, a show organized to collect funds to buy medical devices for children suffering from heart complaint. The event took place in Carcano (a prestigious and historical theater in Milan).

Always in Milan in October, at Teatro Nuovo, Stefano made his contribution for the celebrations of the 10 women who had mainly organized important events in the city.

The celebration’s name is “Sgarbi e le sue donne”, and the mediator was the great Paolo Limiti.

In December 2007, he made his contribution at the appointment of the prize of the magazine “In salute”, inside Palazzo della Stampa in Milan.

In the year 2008 he left for a big Brazilian tour sponsored by Brasil Telecom, appearing in many Brazilian tv programs on the most important Brazilian channels like: TV GLOBO, RBS and so on…

Among all the concerts during this tour it’s nice to remember the one in Florianopolis where Stefano was accompanied by the orchestra and the choir of Santa Catarina.
Stefano Nutti was successful and he appeared in the headline of many magazines.
During summer 2009 he realised a beautiful Italian tour, sponsored by Provincia di Trapani, which was a hymn against the violence toward women and children.

On September 11, 2009 he realised an important gig in the square Piazza Indro Montanelli, titled “11 September”, not to forget.

The year 2010 was very important, he started working on his new album “La ragione di vivere”. The concerts during that year were many.

Then it was time to leave again towards Brazil, where the concerts were organised by the Italian Consulate there.

During this tour 2010 Stefano sang in many important cities like San paolo, Rio, Porte Allegre, Brasilia, Cascavel, Jundiai, enchanting all the Brazilians with his music and his great musicians from Italy.

In October Stefano Nutti brought his music in Moldova, hosted by the government for the concert in Chisinau for International Wine Festival.

That’s how his discovering of this part of Europe began, and the results were great.

In the first months of the year 2011 Stefano completed, with lot of diligence and determination, the recordings of his new album titled “La Ragione di Vivere”.

The spectacular nature of this new album didn’t go unobserved by the Regione Sicilia, that’s why it became the official sponsor of his summer tour in Italy.

In May, the Ambassador of the city of Chisinau, together with the European Union, contacted Stefano Nutti to ask him to represent Italy in the manifestation dedicated to the European Day on the 7th May 2011.

His schedule is always full, and many radio and televisions spoke about him, making him more and more esteemed.

In October 2011 Stefano left again to Chisinau to take part to the International Wine Celebration and to attend, like the only Italian participant, the celebration of the city of Chisinau.

Stefano Nutti participated in many radio broadcastings with commitment and versatility, and took part also in many important tv programmes (such as Desperade, a broadcast organized by Jurnaltv1).

On 30th October 2011 he was guest on the famous radio broadcast “Brasil”, on RADIO RAI 1, presented by the famous Max De Tomassi.

On 7th May 2012, again invited by the European Union, he took part representing Italy in the concert organised for the celebrations of the European Day, singing with the eastern star Nelly Ciobanu the song titled “Cogli l’attimo”. This song collected lot of success.

At the same time of his departure to Brazil (for the tour 2012) his new album “La ragione di vivere” was published, achieving great success.

On August 27 he took part as the only non-Moldavian artist to the great concert to close the celebrations for the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova, singing in front of 50.000 spectators his song with Nelly Ciobanu, filmed and transmitted live by the tv Moldova1.

On September 7 and 8 Stefano was honour guest as an international singer to the final sessions of the show “Una ragazza per il cinema” presented by Alba Parietti, and with the participation of Enzo Iacchetti and other well-known guests from the Italian shows.

In the middle of October 2012, he left for the second part of his Brazilian tour 2012.

His songs and voice are appreciated even in the Eastern Europe, drawing the attention of national Televisions and newscasts. Sometimes Stefano appears alone, playing his recorded arrangements and accompanied by his pianist; sometimes with his musicians and choristers. Young high professionals, coming from the rock and pop scenes, who have collected many important national and international experiences.
The melodies and the songs played during his concerts bring wonderful sensations that melt between opera, light music, and rock. They touch the listeners’ sensitivity, making them escape from a world full of sadness and reach serenity.

The basic theme that summarize all of the songs is love, passion, sensitivity, carefreeness and positive feelings towards the others.

While singing his songs his heart and his feelings join together creating a magic emotionality, joy and happiness for all the listeners… This is Stefano Nutti.

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